Trading Metals

Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring metallic elements which have a high economic value. While having value within industry, they are mostly now used as commodities investment instruments which offer an insight into the health of an economy because they are viewed as a relative safe haven in tough times.

With a B.I.C. Markets MT4 trading account, you are able to have both a long term position in physical gold or silver, while taking advantage of this risk on/off trade in commodities in your trading account. Trading and long term investment go hand in hand as you are able to hedge your physical positions whenever you see the market turning.

Whether you’re a trader or an investor, precious metals markets offer valuable indicators for correlated risk market direction, as well as being able to hedge or trade these predictable technical movements on MT4 with B.I.C. Markets.

Trading Energies

Energy traders take advantage of fluctuations in the price of a certain specialised set of commodities markets featuring oil, gas, gasoline and heating oil. Energy commodities are some of the most important markets in the world because they set the price for our everyday consumption of the fuel required to live what we now consider to be our normal lives.

Energy market products underpin modern society. From supplying the energy required by the power industry, all the way through to the production, manufacturing and transport industries. If you can name it, we guarantee that it takes energy to create or move around.

If you choose to open a B.I.C. Markets trading account, you will be able to trade energy markets on MT4 with ease. Whether you’re in your heated home trading from your desktop PC, or you’re driving in the car that is literally fueled by the energy market that you’re trading, with B.I.C. Markets you never have to miss an opportunity.