Spread Data

B.I.C Markets offers competitive spreads on our currency pairs and CFD instruments. If you are a Retail Trader or Active Trader, you can qualify for deep discounts on spread costs based on the volume traded. Contact your account manager or view our promotions page to find out more.


Forex Pricing

With B.I.C Markets you pay only the spread to trade Forex. So you never have to anticipate commissions down the road. With spreads-only trading, your platform calculates your transaction costs automatically using this formula:

( Spread ) x ( Pip Cost ) x ( Number of Lots Traded ) = Total Cost


Forex Spreads

ProductTick SizePRO Account
Average Spread
ZERO Account
Average Spread
TP / SL min Level
AUDCAD0.0000120 points27 points2 points
AUDCHF0.0000120 points26 points2 points
AUDJPY0.00118 points24 points2 points
AUDNZD0.0000120 points27 points2 points
AUDUSD0.0000117 points23 points2 points
CADCHF0.0000120 points27 points2 points
CADJPY0.00118 points24 points2 points
CHFJPY0.00120 points27 points2 points
EURAUD0.0000122 points28 points2 points
EURCAD0.0000122 points29 points2 points
EURCHF0.0000119 points25 points2 points
EURGBP0.0000118 points24 points2 points
EURJPY0.00118 points24 points2 points
EURNZD0.0000125 points31 points2 points
EURUSD0.0000117 points23 points2 points
GBPAUD0.0000123 points29 points2 points
GBPCAD0.0000122 points27 points2 points
GBPCHF0.0000127 points31 points2 points
GBPJPY0.00129 points35 points2 points
GBPNZD0.0000122 points28 points2 points
GBPUSD0.0000117 points23 points2 points
NZDJPY0.00118 points24 points2 points
NZDUSD0.0000118 points24 points2 points
USDCAD0.0000118 points24 points2 points
USDCHF0.0000120 points26 points2 points
USDJPY0.00117 points23 points2 points
XAGUSD0.00123 points30 points25 points
XAUUSD0.0120 points26 points25 points
AUS2000.130 points30 points0 points
HK500.170 points70 points0 points
JP2250.1160 points160 points0 points
NAS1000.120 points20 points0 points
UK1000.120 points20 points0 points
SPX5000.0170 points70 points0 points
UKOil0.00150 points50 points0 points
USOil0.00139 points39 points0 points
US300.160 points60 points0 points