MetaTrader 5 is the newest version of MetaQuotes Software Corp’s Forex trading platform. While MetaTrader 5 offers trading on different financial markets such as the stock market most MT5 only utilize the Forex trading element of the software.

The key reason MT5 has been adopted is its flexible trading system which allows a variety of Forex strategies to be implemented combined with complete information on the trading operations to keep them aligned to market events.

One Click Trading

An exciting feature of MT5 is the complete information about all orders and open positions. This is available within the Toolbox (trade window). Forex traders can track their orders, positions, volumes, open prices, stop orders and other key elements. Trading history can also be viewed in this section.

Reporting And Analytics

MetaTrader 5 offers 82 various tools ranging from technical indicators to graphic objects helping Forex traders analyze currency prices and liquidity. Over 20 time-frames are offered for market security and traders can open a maximum of 100 charts simultaneously.

Traders can use complementary code base or create their own technical indicator within the new development environment. Another option is to develop trading robots (expert advisors) based on calculations to execute strategies in the market.