Smart Phone Platform

For BIC FX MT4 Smartphone to operate it is necessary to have a Smartphone with the operating system MS Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0 (or later up to Windows Mobile 6.5). The BIC FX MT4 Mobile does not work under Symbian and Palm OS.

When you’re on-the-move, use BIC FX MT4 Smartphone to access your Trading Account and trade through your web-enabled Smartphone. Our BIC FX MT4 Smartphone Platform is comparable with our full-function Trading Terminal. You will be able to fully access the financial markets and make orders from anywhere in the world. Apply technical analysis and chart the movements to all the instruments we offer.

Bringing both advanced charting and trading tools together, with flexibility for the trader on-the-move, BIC FX MT4 Smartphone is an ideal choice.


   Supports 30 technical indicators

   Multi-lingual support allows to switch between languages

   Access to the news information feeds.

   Secure and confidential.